The Route 66 Cruisers of Springfield, IL., was formed in 1992, by a group of nine car enthusiasts from Springfield. Meeting at the Clearlake Hardee’s most every night for coffee and car talk, they discussed forming a club. Since the group participated in cruises and automotive events on and around Old Route 66, (Litchfield, Springfield, Lincoln, Bloomington, and Lexington), the name Route 66 Cruisers was mentioned. A club logo was designed after the Old Route 66 Road signs, right down to the square 6s. The night manager of the Clearlake Hardee’s joined the group and the conversation evolved into Hardee’s hosting several cruise-ins in 1993.

As the cruise-ins progressed other auto buffs wanted to join our group, so a year limit of vehicles that could have traveled Route 66 when it was still recognized as a highway was established, Route 66 was decommissioned in 1978 but the 1979 models were on the road hence our old pre ’80 requirement for membership. We now allow “special interest” vehicles of all years so the membership requirements are pretty open.

Incorporating our club in 1993, and Trade Marking our logo in ’94 we have grown from a beginning of 9 members, to more than 200 family members. The club is involved in many cruises-ins , parades , car shows in the Central Illinois area. Currently during the summer season we are hosting regular cruises at Hardee’s in Springfield, IL on Sangamon Avenue and several at the Tasty Cafe in Sherman, IL. We also have a few other locations. Check out our schedule.

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Carter Logue

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Jon Whitehead

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Renee Hayward-Smith




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Ditmar Walker

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Carter Logue

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